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Well Readers we are back, sort of.

Firstly please accept our sincere apologies for the long break since the last site update. This is due to the platform provider  that we use for compiling the site closing down and transferring our account and content to another platform provider. In theory that is good news, as the old platform was indeed long past its 'use by date' and the new platform is more modern and potentially versatile. However, behind the scenes, the structure of the site that you don't see, the content, links, files and subfiles has not transferred in an orderly and organised hierarchy. The best way to explain it is if you imagine 50 100 piece jigsaws all being tipped into a single box  and then having to get all those pieces back into their right boxes again - It's quite a task! 

The link to the original website with pre-September 2020 posts will be down for a while - the data is somewhere, but that is low priority for now.

We'll do our best to get some of the backlog submissions hosted, but it is work in progress so please bear with us until notmal service is resumed.


Stay Safe

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