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            a walk before bed


lets walk before bed Hilary said

so here we are

above the town

with glimpses of the Dee and Wales


we talk about tomorrow and tomorrow

listen to the scurry and scamper

in the dry undergrowth

clicks and clacks in the grass


the strain of trees as they stretch

owls crickets and frogs

calling out their mates

and us


we talk about our hopes and fears

children and grandchildren

how things used to be

and how they are now


silver tipped mountains

appear through a break in the trees

below them the Dee

like a shining ribbon


lost and lying discarded

on the ground

silent now we watch

as the fleeing cloud curtains the moon


tell me that poem again she asks

and I tell her of rings and

turkeys and runcible spoons  

and of being hand in hand


and dancing by the light of the moon

yes she said

now I understand it

and there


as the moon once more

turned the hilltop into a ballroom

we swayed to the rhythm of a poem

and it wasn’t nonsense at all




moon dancetra