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Aaron’s Nightmare After Booking for Poland  


                     Steamy caress of bath water on soft soapy skin,  

plump cherry in the mouth, newspaper cast wide.

O, yawn, O, monotony…


                   The door splinters off its hinges – crack and spit

of air, boot stamp, gun clank, five faces snarling

in the shadows of helmets.


                                 A driving kick shatters the cherry bowl

off the wall, shards flying, and a henchman

slams a gun butt into Aaron’s face.


                    Crunch of cheek bone, jolt of pain, black print

running in the water. Steely hands wrench him up

sopping pink, crumpled face on fire.


                       He spews cherry remnants onto a thug’s boot.

You pig, the thug shouts, swinging a kick into Aaron’s

guts. They drag him naked,


                       banging off walls, down steps, into a box car

stuffed with chosen people reeking of incredulity.

And a freight train screams in the night.