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an empty truth for a naked liar


stolen by crows and raised in

the desert, she said


set the dog on fire and

then set it free


a lot to laugh about here


said none of these things you can

hold are yours to keep, but all i

could hear was the cold scrape of

sunlight in empty rooms


all of us equals in the world of

dead men, and all machines

as worthless as the day they were made


time to decide, then


time to remember that a

religion is not a life


takes more than some half-assed

belief in imaginary gods to make you

less ugly than me, but maybe if

crucifixion was an option


maybe the amusement of watching

others suffer might

make us more complete


the pain of martyrs which

seems like such a waste of energy


lover w/ a lifetime of

fists to her face


laughter is the key

but not the solution and

i am not a believer


i am not a savior


spent my whole life learning you

can’t just open your heart to every

false prophet who

falls down drunk at your feet