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Autumn Blossoms


I spent most of the year restless

and hungry

for something new.

Counting my ribs in the mirror,

losing substance somehow.

Shouldn’t I feel whole when I say

I have you now?


We are skilled in silence

but your drunk heart whispers truths

to me while you are sleeping.

I lay shivering with your heat on me.

like UV rays on sunless days.

Suddenly I understand the distance between stars

and how hard it is to hold what can’t stay.


Clouds with gray swollen bellies

hang over a half-hearted summer.

The rustle of long grasses waving up

and across the Skagit plains.

I knew how hard leaving would be;

I knew it like how I know it’s going to rain.


Flesh has memory they say.

I spent the hot months trying to forget the cold,

trying to forget what it was like to have you to hold.

Sleeping with empty arms,

my head full of all the stories we never told.


I need to spin the wool of the words

and weave together the past

in the loom of my mind,

give it a place to rest


fall feels like

whatever else is coming

is on its way.