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bi, lingual

this is your fault, Jimmy.

you wore makeup.

you were asking for it.

you know, like women do?

so those straight men

gave you what you wanted,

just like they do

for women who wear makeup:

they cornered you


and entered you.

they entered you

and entered you,

over and over,

no matter how much you protested.

because you wore makeup, Jimmy.

you know, like women do?

but –

and this is important, Jimmy –

they penetrated you

with knuckles and boot tips

instead of their dicks,

so it wasn’t gay.

no, Jimmy.

in fact:

one man

inserting a part of himself

into another man

is actually the straightest thing

he can possibly do:

as long as it’s violent

and he doesn’t use his dick

and the other man

is wearing makeup,

like women do.

like you were, Jimmy.

so yeah, it’s the same

as that

but at the same time,

it’s totally different, Jimmy,

you see?


oh, you wouldn’t understand, Jimmy:

you wear makeup.

and anyway, I bet you loved it:

those bruises

like permanent mascara?

now you can cry all you want.

why are you crying, anyway, Jimmy?

after all

you got what you wanted

from those

o so



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