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Boats in topaz


searching on my phone

for info on this flat we've spotted,

for sale

and facing howth harbour. no way ever

that we could afford it, but still,

I'm curious – the first time you've seen me

really interested in real estate. normally

I want to live clenched

deep in the city's armpits; the place right now,

kilbarrack, is death itself – pensioners passing, people

and no junkies

or anything wild. but this place in howth,

overlooking the sea, boats in topaz

slashed all white

like spiderwebs in sunlight –

this is perfect, somehow. I find it; it's sold anyway,

and well out of our price-range. if interest

strikes me again

perhaps we'll get a place – but it won't

be that place, over shops

with a beautiful view.