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Darling. Your name sleeps hard on my lips. Kiss.

I weep and feel devious, heave my heavy loins

to the window, and wonder at you wondering

at me. Rain. Flesh. Slow thighs and



bright, shut. Put out the candle. Let me tongue

my words through your ear, run through you,

make you mine, the blood in your veins. And

rain on the window like a



The straw we lay on remembers me. It is shaped

like my body. I tap out your heartbeat on your spine.

Dum-dum. Dumdum. See the gold around your ribcage,

the silver of your lung. Now listen to mine.



In the corner, you pull on your shirt. The hurt

of your heart swells in the firelight, spills into the air

between us. Two childhoods glare at each other

across the room. No words. Locked throats.


I feel ten years from you.


Hand me my coat.