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I wonder what is needed as I gaze into your eyes -

what chemistry of pros and cons could make us join our lives.

I recognise the complicated nature of the sum,

but I want to find a recipe to make two people one

and if you snore all day

and talk while chewing on your food,

if you have no air of subtlety

and others find you rude,

if birthdays make you nervous and if drama makes you laugh,

if you see no point in sensible when juxtaposed with daft,

then you'll find me optimistic in a wry and careless way

and you'll notice me dismissing what the other people say,

but I will not suffer cruelty

and I'd like a little space

and I'll founder if I ever see a frown upon your face,

but what of you and all the things it takes to make you smile?

Do you need me to have substance? Do you need me to have style?

Must I brush up on my Latin?

Would you still give me a chance if I told you that my body was the enemy of dance?

Do you need a wall to lean on?

Do you also need a friend?

Do you need someone to listen when you're at your tether's end?

Well, that's just the kind of person I'm aspiring to be;

if the recipe is tasty, then I hope you find it's me.

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