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In another restaurant

If you asked if I wanted to eat a snail

I would decline.

I would also refuse to eat the sushi

but accept the challenge

to spoon the wasabi sauce into my mouth

And you won’t laugh too much

when I sing along to the music.

And you also won’t question

why I like to eat pasta every day.

Nor will you worry

about whether linguine

is better than spaghetti.

Nor will you argue

that penne works better

with a pomodoro sauce

because coats so much better.

Nor will you forget to add pine nuts

and use sunflower oil and a hint

of grated parmesan when you recreate

my favourite arrabiata dish.

These are things

you will understand,

because when we go out

you don’t question

the matte red shoes

worn with hair coloured blue.

You don’t need to tell me I will never die.

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