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It's Not Done to Comment on Appearances


so almost no-one asks about the scar

(it runs along my forehead

and right over the eye, I was drunk

and fell down some steps in Paris,

dead as a bat in flight,

the pane of one of my glasses

went into my skull, almost took the eye with it,

bruised all over my cheekbones and nearly broke my teeth as well,

it was awful, two days sick in hospital, I could have died,

there are pictures, you can see them if you like,

you'll say

it must have been awful)

because most people are politer than that

but when someone is rude enough

to break the contract

it's a good reminder

that even though they don't say anything

the scar is still there

and everyone can see it but me - the bad stitching

which raised my eyebrow slightly

and makes me always look

a little amused.