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Keep Flying

Keep flying,

with the jet trails making rabbits in the sky,

don't let the busybodies ask you why

when they mean don't.

Rabbits aren't for everyone

and some won't even try.

Keep flying

for the little boy who's watching from his room,

distract him from the scrubber and the broom,

for what's the harm?

His chores will go much faster

if he spends them shouting 'Vroooom'.

Keep flying

for the runway that is waiting out of sight,

there's no such thing as dark without the light

and what the heck -

perhaps you'll never make it there,

but then again, you might.

Keep flying,

but if flying wears you out, then be a swift;

if sleeping on the wing is not your gift,

then press eject -

double check your parachute,

and set yourself adrift.

Copyright ©2020  All Rights Reserved

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