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Let Me

illustrate my pain

in someone’s mouth,

let them pray

my suffering,

out of their guts

and with their breath.

let them spit me out

of themselves,

of myself.

illustrate my pain

in a pair of hands,

let them break

my suffering

punched with their knuckles,

crushed with their teeth,

let them strangulate me.

illustrate my pain

in the unseen gaze,

to look away

from this suffering.

blank me up,

with closed eyes

as if I was non-existent.

let it stain me of void.

illustrate my pain

in someone’s snail ear,

those chinese whispers

mumble my name, as if

with verbal incontinence.

let it crawl me over,

all of me, no shame

of my nakedness.

those whispers despise me,

want to kill me.

illustrate my pain

on the reflection of a belly.

let it chew on its own thought,

peristalsis of ideas

not digested.

let the stomach be acid

and form the belly

of the hungry, the belly

of the lost.

let the intestine revenge

and forget what it ate.


But let me!

illustrate my pain

in a paper aeroplane,

let it take me away

from themselves,

from myself.

Copyright ©2020  All Rights Reserved

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