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Managing In The Middle


he had a glass eye and he took it out

to let another guy fuck him in his eye hole

and a few days later his eye hole got so red

and swollen that he couldn’t fit his glass eye in it

anymore so he went the doctor and the doctor

tested the area and when the tests came back

the doctor told him that he had chlamydia or one of them

ailments in his eye hole.


proper adult gossip, this,

from the proper adult gossips, this,  

happily married and registered to vote, well-adjusted

middle-management workers

who can clearly function is society well enough

to be your superiors, them,

and this is what you can learn from them, apparently.  

well, that, and –


they want you to have those cages of stock out

by the time they get back off lunch.


I know what you’re thinking:

that’s a long time off

but guess what?

you still won’t manage it:


you’re the only one on the shop floor

while they’re here,

in the staff room