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My Raised Amnesia Garden


I built it out of redwood, hot-dipped

galvanized bolts, half inch washers,

hexed nuts, 4x6 redwood corner posts.


I am almost sure it’s just for me, now

that it’s nearly complete.


It’s time to compost the raised garden.


Avocado skins, carrot tops, forgiveness, chicken manure, layers of moldy onion skin too.


And when the last frost has healed the warm soil, at the first sign of spring, I’ll plant parsnips,


rows of lettuce, alongside turmeric, basil and a blueberry bush, good for memory I am told.


I’ll sew my favorite, bitter sweet ginger, some amnesia & avocado in celebration of you.


These I intend to harvest each season,

along with carrot, red radish––tomato.