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Mystery Hand


Mystery hand


The sharp crisp edge.

Shout! And there it is clear.

A woman calls to you.

Is she near?

Her hair red and curled

Her face bright

Like a shaft of light

Reflected off of metal.

The furious glow settles

Into a defined and steady

Shine; each particle

Gathering itself and returning,

Into finer and finer

Acuities; the brimming and stark


Of light;

The end of each line

Finding itself commencing,

The beginning beginning;

Stopping with now and now,

Closing in on infinity, it ends

Into itself, into now and now

Into sunshine and gold

Bejeweling and ruby

Sparkled quartz of ever and ever.


A man taps his electronic gadget and the dolphins sing.  

The ruby quartz signal

Flash red on red

And memories of chaos are liberated; the dolphins

Kicking sand and wind

Ocean journey of night and night;

The telephone rings.

Is it you again?

Is it me, still?

I am not me.

My mind flashes

Scenes of hands; a great thumb rounds out

The stars; a watch that screams.

Are you home?

And I am calm,

My own hands

Thick with work;

The clucks of typed keys

Follow trails

Of ever and ever.

I am what I am not,

She loved me so hard, she said,

She cried on the weekends.

Seeing the silver

Glint of watch on watch flicker

And dying on the great hand.

The sweet sweet hand

That kills time and kills you

And kills me.

I have died before,

Though love

Flies me south.

To no home.

To no time.

I love you and I love you, he said

Now and now.