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You are washing dishes in your apartment.

A friend is sitting behind you

at a very small kitchen table.

You talk back and forth.

When you finish the dishes

and turn around she is gone.

That's weird. You check the bathroom.

Not there. The bedroom, no.

You look out the front door

there is no one in the street.

You go back to the kitchen

see a pan on the stove unwashed.

It's quite greasy requires a Brillo pad.

When you finish your friend has returned.

But she looks completely different,

she has had her breasts enlarged.

You are astounded, shocked almost.

You ask her some questions.

Did you talk about this with anyone?

It's my body. Yes, I understand but

most implants are silicone and can leak

sometimes poisoning internal organs.

Are they silicone? That's my business.

You can't stop looking at them,

search for a distraction. A shoelace

keeps coming undone you double tie it.

When you look up she's gone again.

You need to get out for a walk,

a long walk to an unfamiliar part of town.

Your feet and knees start to hurt

so you take a bus to a friend's house,

climb wooden steps to the second floor.

The door is open you walk in.

No one is around and you start to leave,

then you hear some loud giggling.

In the hallway a bedroom door is ajar.

You peek through the framed space.

The friend who had the breast enlargement

and current occupant are in bed together.

You are even more incredulous.

They disliked each other a great deal.

You feel like calling out to them

but instead walk backwards down

the hallway and out the front door.

You wander for a couple of blocks

then stop at a tea house, sit in the corner

The waitress asks what you want to drink.

You respond, just a class of water.

This is a tea house you have to drink tea.

We have over a hundred different varieties.

You don't feel like drinking tea so you leave.