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Radioactive Hornets

After Fukushima, hornets

four times their normal size

started showing up in Nebraska.

Four times the aggressive response

to anyone trying to dislodge

a nest with rocks or hose too!

And don't think you can

outrun a swarm or breathe

through a straw underwater to escape.

They'll crawl single file down

that straw and inject radioactive

venom all down your throat!

I'm not joking!  Radioactive hornets

Gonna mess with your DNA too –

if you manage to survive the stings!

You'll break out in grotesque blisters

and nodules; exude puss from your eyes,

ears, and nose! Hornets are way worse than wasps!

Pack more of a punch to begin with.

Imagine trying to pop a zit the size

of your head!  You'll be a hot mess!

Sweat and stink, need to change

your sheets daily for months.  Drain off

a quart of puss a day too, I bet.

You don't wanna mess with radioactive bees

to begin with.  Hornets are a whole other

level or horror, my friend. Huge hornets?

Let's put it this way: you'll look a lot

better dead than alive; more than likely

feel half-past dead and wish you were dead.

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