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he’s going by the shop window …

he stops.

does a double-take.

looks right at you

through the glass

for eight, nine seconds?

with this blank look on his face …

then he smiles

and comes in.

alright? he says.

you don’t say anything.

remember me? sure you do.

I’m the one you tried

refusing a refund to. remember?

he comes over to the counter …

yeah, you do. I KNOW you do.

got my refund in the end, though, didn’t I?

you don’t say anything.

surprised they still let you work here,

he looks you up and down.

you don’t say anything.

you … he leans over the counter …

you … he says …

then a customer starts walking over,

pushing a mountainous trolley,

so he scurries away.

you ask the customer: you need a bag?

course I need a bag! she scowls

slapping her groceries down on the conveyor belt.

I need loads, don’t I?

look at all this shit!

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