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I am in a Shoppers Drug Mart

getting my picture done so I can

renew my passport.


They keep the passport photo place

in the back of the store with the

video games.


Some redneck comes in while I’m waiting

grabs a video game and looks at it.

Hunting Simulator.

It is not enough to kill animals,

this one has to practice at home

in his spare time.


And he seems enthralled by the game.

Sucking at his KFC pop in a sweaty ball cap

that reads: SHUT UP & FISH.


There is the likeness of a small fish

in case you don’t know what that is.


When I pay and leave with my pictures,

I head over to the government place

by the hospital.


They have set up a voting station there

for the election.


Are you here to vote sir?,

this toothy old greeter with a stoop

set up by the door



I shake my head no.


And the ladies in the government place

make things difficult when they don’t

need to be.


But we get through it

and I am back out

the door.


Squishing over an infestation

of caterpillars so that it feels like

I’m walking over a Jello-o mold

during the summer high