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Sun 2.0


Sun 2.0 doesn't warm the earth like the other model did.

Those who can remember Sun 1.0 recall an orb with an edge that curled.

You’d blind yourself to look at it, but often you couldn’t help but look –

particularly towards the end.

You could tell the time by it, or map out a virtual world

by its angle to the earth. From Sun 1.0 was born

flickering shadows which brought to life mountains, trees, anthills,

and as the industry of the day diminished your shadow

would stretch – dancing taller than yourself.


Sun 2.0 is an ultraviolet spread of duck-egg. Lamps light up

and dim at times democratically agreed. It refracts

through the factor block we're glazed in,

burning down into the dermal fabric, concluding with pain

and quarantine. My skin does sting, and it itches – pox-like.


Our shadows are stuck to their dimensions, as static as most things,

at all times alike until night arrives, and they disappear in a blink.