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The Gift of Friendship


                Nicky smiled and caressed the red silk around her neck. This was going to be one ace party. Looking round the function suite she remembered the last time she had been here in the Railway Tavern just six months ago.


                She had arrived just before Rick and Gary and checked herself out in the mirror over the bar. Looking good.  She knew then what she wanted- Rick. She was not sure how he felt. She liked Gary just as a friend and luckily he felt the same.


                A minute later they came in. Rick looking cool and disinterested. Gary relaxed and friendly. Nicky gave them a wink- “You know what I want. I’ll get a table.”


                Gary went to the bar. What was he going to do? He was desperate to ask Nicky out and had even bought her that scarf she had been going on about... He knew Rick could not be bothered and wondered how best to play things.


                 As they took the drinks over Rick looked at Nicky. What was she up to now? Could he even be bothered? Gary was the lucky one- well out of this game playing. Rick sat next to Nicky. Gary sat opposite her as she had instructed him “so I can see you properly.”


                “This is going great” thought Gary. They had all been drinking and chatting happily for hours. Nicky had been looking at him all the time. And that enigmatic smile. It did his head in.


                Rick sighed. Nicky had been giving him the come on all night.  She so obviously wanted him to go home with her it would be rude to say no. As long as she was clear this wasn’t going be the romance of the century, where was the harm?


                Nicky smiled broadly at both of them. All going to plan. She gave Rick an imperceptible nod and said she was popping to the loo.


                “I need to talk to her now” thought Gary. I could catch her as she comes out of the toilet. He felt Rick’s hand on his shoulder as he got up. “Gaz mate, see you have the situation well sussed. Me and Nicky are gonna shoot. Not sure it’s a great idea but on a plate ‘n all. She knows it will never be anything serious. You alright mate?”


                Gary was grinning hysterically and had slapped himself across the head. “Yeah cool Rick, good luck geezer. Don’t think I should have had that last Special Brew. Excuse me...” Feeling like he had been punched hard in the guts he headed for the toilets, and bumped into Nicky coming out of the Ladies.


                Nicky grabbed him in a fierce embrace and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “Cheers Gaz, you are a true friend. Thank you so much for your help tonight, everything’s going to be great. And when me and Rick get engaged we’ll have the party right here and you’ll be our guest of honour! “