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The girls


Let us offer up a prayer to Hera, to keep safe

The girls who fear themselves undeserving;

who fancy they will always be undesired.

And also the women who see themselves

as plodders, untidy and unprepossessing;

those who strive for love but are unseen.

Let them learn unashamedly

to respect their own yearnings

that reach beyond a mundane clasp.


Let’s hear it for the unfaithful,

the unhinged, the unflinching -

women who break out from the frame

of the unvalued or the unexpected.

Underestimated, they reap havoc

with their nonconformity, unable

to stifle a yawn, a scream, a laugh.


And let us include the so-called unsightly,

the unattractive, the unexceptional

whose stories remain unwritten,

until unloosening the hair and removing

the spectacles, they stand in the light

uncertainly holding a book, or a rose or a gun.


Let’s relook at the unheroic, the unvictorious;

the sisters, the mothers, aunts and best friends;

The Charlottes, the Helens, the Idas, the Eves.

Let them unequivocally rejoice unabashed

loving themselves, they are never never unloved.