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I’ve got tremors in my hands they make them shake they

cause me worry in the car at the supermarket at work it's

very concerning at night when sleep's trying they bring me

bother it feels like there's a little man drilling many stories

below deep in the bones that's what it feels like, a man drilling.

I saw a priest to talk about it he said it's the spirit moving in

you lots of people never feel it it's a gift you are a lucky man

this is a good thing he said if I was still concerned to go see a

doctor. I went to the park and stood looking up at the sun it was

shining on everyone the dogs some men some children a woman

came over and asked me are you alright I said I didn't know but

thanks for asking I looked it up online I said I don't think it's a

vitamin deficiency I don't know but that's how I'm feeling.