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trolled troll trolled

they cornered me under the bridge:

I’m a dog, am I? she said.

lee told me everything! said you and your mates

said I was a dog! and he’s finished with me now!

cos you and your mates were shit-stirring!

a lorry went over the bridge.

headlights swiped across her face.

you are a dog, I said

and the dark of the underbridge

gave way to a dark

that was redder

and knuckle-shaped

I’m trying to say she twatted me one.

she twatted me good,


under the bridge

and I stayed down

until her and her gang

left me alone.

I’d never met this “lee”

or her

and I don’t have any mates

to shit-stir with

but the underbridge was familiar


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