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Validations And Yellows

A museum visit

reminds me there

are few things glorious

as Van Gogh’s yellows

or his fluttering blues

in paint encrusted

canvases that combine

the illusory with eerie

insight that there is

a faint pulse of darkness

in beautiful corn fields

or shattered sunflowers.

A genius so vast

you walk away lightheaded.

Each step trembling before

giving way to the next.

the world becomes

more mundane as you

wish those colors were

everywhere and in


Yet Van Gogh’s

tortured pallets

sold only one painting

out of over 900

that he created,

Giving an almost

false hope to many

who dream of any kind

of validation.

To them

I later drink a large

glass of wine.

Yes, to all of them

but mostly to Van Gogh

And I raise it high,

very high.

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