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We're all Doomed!

A lot of people think it's a modern thing−
All these shortages of food, fuel, and manpower.
It seems we're constantly being warned of impending doom,
From those media bosses in their collective ivory tower.

As a nation, oh, how we love to panic−
A reaction magnified by broadcasters of news.
"A winter of discontent is coming," they warn us.
An attempt to colour coordinate our seasonal blues.

"Fuel rationing is coming!" social media shrieks,
As a handful of petrol stations temporarily shut.
So queues start on forecourts all over the land,
As alarm spreads when fuel deliveries are cut.

Many older folks remember the dark days of the 70s,
Electricity rationing was amongst the government's goals.
But three-day weeks and random power outages,
Still didn't provoke us to stockpile bog rolls.

Sensationalist stories and wild, sweeping headlines,
Will compound vast swathes of people's fears.
"We're all going to hell in a carbon-neutral handbasket.
Because we've been raping our natural resources for years."

Panic buying will no doubt rear its ugly head again,
Pasta and those toilet rolls will be challenging to locate.
As you tut and shake your head at fellow, hoarding shoppers,
Before redirecting your ire to Facebook as convention likes to dictate.

And then, our government loves to poke the hornet's nest,
And persist in driving home the message of despair.
But reverse psychology is their weapon of choice,
"Don't panic buy," they repeat with great and intense fanfare.

There are those of us who still blame Brexit,
For others, Covid is the cause for all this fuss.
A sudden lack of CO2 is the latest culprit
Or is it the government just trying to control us?

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