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           What the Dead think of Cats


Doll-faced, white, black, blue, cream, red-

all things beware of indifferent strays,

with at least one lion and a fair-haired girl.


If two face types, a father and his son,

limp into a woman’s home, they don’t know

what the attraction is, but trouble

is given personality and promptly thrown out,

as the notion of witch hunts

quietly trots on board. Flies and women,

cats and the King of Thieves judge distance

and hear a wide range of sounds.

Protected by law from strong fashion,

they are frightened one moonless night

by day bandaged in night’s disguise.


Unobserved, a black cat portends several months

on the number 3 bus. A spokesman

picks it out from between people’s legs,

but will never be popular. However,

that’s not absolutely true, as he needs

to be inspired by better companions

to make the transition to sound.


The question of ethics should be raised.