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What We Can Learn From Thermodynamics


Each of us can't win, even the effort of fighting works us older.


We sit in opposing bells of our hourglass.

My particles shift into your mouth until the world flips

serendipitously, and you share my particles

(now your own) back with me.


We see ourselves at the speed of light

and this is our entropy. Here – have my coat,

I'll feed it through the hole.

Take my heat, I don't mind the cold.


But this road. We've been on it before.

We can't go back to the apartment years, the parties,

the parks. We're heading for an absolute zero.

Should we stop now, stretch through the centrefold


to touch arms, fingertips, soft plump faces, toes?

Tomorrow comes close, and each day we eat the other

until we're too weak to raise a fork, or slice a knife,

and then the little that remains will dissipate.